Sponsor Thought Leadership January 27, 2024

WCD Sponsor Thought Leadership: January 2024

The following is a culmination of thought leadership provided by WCD’s global sponsors for January 2024. WCD’s sponsors provide expert thought leadership and insights into best practices for boards and committees, spanning topics such as technology, climate and board composition.


On the 2024 board and committee agendas
Read the annual KPMG BLC messages to directors on the critical issues that should be high on board, audit committee, nominating and governance committee, compensation committee, and private company board agendas. Click to download.

Regulatory Countdown to 2024
The regulatory journey throughout 2023 was intense. As we enter the new year, KPMG countdowns the most popular Regulatory Insights of 2023. Read more.

The Fed’s final round… Special biannual report
The economy will slow into the first half of 2024. Read more.

Landmark Actions Coming: The AI Act and Growing US Regulations
AI/GenAI regulatory actions foretell of upcoming limitations and safeguards. From the EU AI Act to US cross-agency actions, don’t miss what’s changing. Read more.

The KPMG Board Leadership Center (BLC)
The KPMG Board Leadership Center (BLC) champions outstanding corporate governance to drive long-term value and enhance stakeholder confidence. To subscribe to KPMG’s Board Leadership Weekly and Directors Quarterly newsletter, click here.



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2024 Incentive Goal-Setting: Core Principles and Strategies for Uncertain Times
Establishing executive compensation performance goals remains a challenge. Focusing on core principles can help when the answers aren’t clear. Read more from Pearl Meyer’s latest Advisory Blog.

Updates on Proxy Advisor Voting Policies for 2024
Pearl Meyer’s Client Alert shares the latest information on the most significant compensation-related policy changes from ISS and Glass Lewis

The CEO Evaluation Process: Four Principles for Better Results
Are your CEO evaluations as effective as they could be? Here’s how to ensure this important board function does more than check a box.

Maximizing a Director’s Ability to Enhance Stock Holdings
Directors frequently ask about increasing their holdings. Click here to read the two ways companies can structure additional choices beyond simple open-market purchases.

CD&A Pro Tips for the 2024 Proxy Season
Read the two key actions that can help you maximize the effectiveness of this year’s CD&A while minimizing the stress by clicking here.



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2024 Edelman trust Barometer
The 2024 Edelman Trust Barometer reveals a new paradox at the heart of society. Rapid innovation offers the promise of a new era of prosperity, but instead risks are exacerbating trust issues, leading to further societal instability and political polarization.

Five Takeaways For Financial Services Companies from COP28
The role of finance was integral to the historic COP28 summit. Whether around methane, loss and damage or the energy transition, funding mechanisms underpinned each commitment made at the conference. The conference closed with an agreement that pronounced the “beginning of the end” of the fossil fuel era and highlighted the need to establish new and innovative sources of capital to finance the transition. Read Edelman Smithfield’s five key takeaways here.

ESG in 2024: Five Things to Track
Click here to learn the five things Edelman Smithfield recommends monitoring as ESG evolves as a global capital market practice in 2024.

SEC Ruling Creates New Urgency to Educate Investors About Bitcoin
Despite the potential challenges, the SEC ruling is undoubtedly a milestone for crypto enthusiasts and the industry they seek to disrupt. Learn more here.



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Ratings Performance Insights: 2023 In Review
Read the report.

Global Debt 2030: Can The World Afford A Multifaceted Transition?
Global leverage and higher interest rates present financial challenges. Addressing climate risks, energy transition, and an aging population requires increased investments, especially in developing economies. Achieving affordability globally demands collaboration and a mix of public and private capital, but rising geopolitical fragmentation complicates the transition. Download S&P Global’s report to explore if the world can afford a multifaceted transition.

The Importance of Gender Data for Market Analysis
As the global economy is reshaped by trends in technology, climate, ageing population and more, future jobs and growth sectors will also change. It’s critical to determine how women can be positioned to lead and contribute to this transformation. Read more from S&P Global here.

Studying the STEM Education Gap Among CEOs Globally
It is difficult to study gender differences at the CEO level because so few CEOs are women. STEM education seems to pave the way for a successful professional career regardless of gender. The majority of CEOs globally, whether men or women, tend to have a STEM educational background. Read more on the impacts of a STEM background on leadership opportunities here.

Private Markets Monthly, December 2023: The Outlook For 2024, According To Eight Experts On Private Markets
As investors increasingly allocate capital across the private debt markets, evolving macroeconomic and financial conditions may necessitate a need for greater transparency. In this edition of Private Markets Monthly, eight S&P Global Ratings’ subject matter experts are interviewed on what matters most across private markets to provide our perspective on conditions and trends to watch for the year ahead.



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Q3 2023 Equilar Gender Diversity Index
Diversity, equity and inclusion issues have evolved from mere buzzwords to critical components shaping the current Corporate America. Nowhere is this change more significant than in the boardroom, where discussions and actions regarding DEI have gained immense traction and importance. Read more in the latest report from Equilar here.

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