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Thought Leadership: December 2023

The following is a culmination of thought leadership provided by WCD’s global sponsors for December 2023. WCD’s sponsors provide expert thought leadership and insights into best practices for boards and committees, spanning topics such as technology, climate and board composition.


2023 Technology survey report
Nearly two-thirds of technology leaders responding to the 2023 KPMG US Technology Survey say the technology function needs to get better at helping the board understand the potential of new emerging technologies. Click to download the report. KPMG LLP

California imposes ESG reporting related to carbon offsets
As part of California’s recent suite of climate laws, the Voluntary Carbon Market Disclosures Act supplements global anti-greenwashing enforcement trends with the introduction of disclosure obligations for voluntary carbon offsets and emissions reduction claims. Read more. KPMG Financial Reporting View

Navigating an evolving business and risk environment: Trends in bank board composition and structure
To understand how bank boards are navigating the current landscape, the KPMG BLC and KPMG Banking & Capital Markets analyzed trends among Russell 3000 bank boards. Read the findings from the report and watch a replay of the webinar from December 6. Read and view the replay. KPMG LLP

A new corporate approach to geopolitical risk
KPMG and Eurasia Group, along with corporate directors of leading multinational corporations, offer insights on how boards are shifting strategies to manage risk amid a maelstrom of political complexities. Read more. KPMG LLP via The Atlantic



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The Founder’s Journey
How can a visionary CEO develop the leadership skills needed to move their business into its next phase? Find the answer in Pearl Meyer’s latest Advisor Blog.

Rethinking Pre-IPO Equity Compensation Decision
Private boards waiting to go public have a chance now to question entrenched assumptions and learn from those who went public in the IPO rush of ’21. Learn more here.

Assessing the Impact of Director Compensation on Board Culture and Agility
Click here to learn how the following elements of board effectiveness—including culture, composition, and refreshment—can be influenced by its director compensation strategy.

Approaches to Strengthening Committee and Full-Board Evaluations
These five key factors can contribute to more thorough and effective board and committee evaluations.



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Recent AI Executive Order Carries Implications for Financial Communications
Edelman Smithfield shares here how the recent Executive Order from the White House on the development and use of artificial intelligence represents an important moment in the governance of AI within the financial services sector.

As U.S. Awaits SEC’s Final Climate Disclosure Rule, Much of the World Moves Forward
As world leaders, policymakers, scientists, and activists convene for the 28th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, one of the many topics of discussion is the role of mandatory disclosure in driving climate change mitigation. In what has arguably been a watershed year for corporate climate disclosure regulations, one piece of regulation is noticeably still pending: the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s proposed rule to enhance climate-related disclosures for investors. Read more from Edelman Smithfield here.

Edelman Trust Institute: Publication 2023
Curated and edited by Matthew Bishop, former Economist business editor, with advisor Rik Kirkland, former editor of Fortune, this compendium of essays penned by experts and leaders from business, media and civil society offers insights on how to build trust amid rapid societal change.

Special Report – Trust and Climate 2023
The realities of climate change are evident, with more frequent and devastating weather events impacting people all over the world, but institutions lack the trust to do what is right and necessary to slow the crisis. Important and timely new research from the Edelman Trust Institute finds that optimism is the key to action, and optimism hinges on trust.


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CFOs on Corporate Boards: The Latest Trends
CFOs are making waves in boardrooms globally, reshaping corporate landscapes. Discover the latest trends and insights in the dynamic intersection of finance and governance. Dive into Spencer Stuart’s article exploring the evolving role of CFOs on corporate boards.

The Independent Board Chair
Unlock the secrets behind effective governance and board leadership. Delve into Spencer Stuart’s insightful article on the critical role of an independent board chair. Read more.

2023 Spencer Stuart S&P MidCap 400 Board Index
Unlock the strategies fueling growth and innovation in mid-sized companies. Spencer Stuart unveils key findings in the Spencer Stuart S&P MidCap 400 Board Index. Discover how these insights redefine leadership and shape the future of mid-sized corporations.

2023 U.S. Technology Spencer Stuart Board Index
At the intersection of technology and governance, Spencer Stuart shares the 2023 U.S. Technology Board Index. Read the report here.



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Global Credit Outlook 2024: New Risks, New Playbook
Looking ahead to 2024, some of the same challenges remain, and other risks are emerging – all of which require a new playbook for issuers and investors in the debt markets. Read S&P Global’s “Global Credit Outlook 2024: New Playbook, New Rules” here.

Buying Time Post-Default with Private Credit
After reviewing more than 1,200 defaults of publicly-rated issuers since 2008, S&P Global shares their findings on the impact private credit can have on defaulters. Read the findings here.

Artificial Intelligence Insights
Artificial Intelligence has been at the forefront of conversation for 2023, but the conversation is just beginning. S&P Global shares a host of insights, research, AI Fundamentals, Governance & Regulation and more here.

This Month In Credit: Rising Stars Reach A New High (November 2023)
Download the report here.



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Equilar and Nasdaq Champion Diversity on Corporate Boards with Release of Top 50 Diverse Board Candidates
Amid shifting attitudes toward ESG and diversity efforts, Equilar has collaborated with the Nasdaq Center for Board Excellence to unveil the Top 50 Diverse Board Candidates, including WCD Bay Area chapter member, Clarice Turner

Check out November 2023’s thought leadership here.

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