November 22, 2023

Thought Leadership: November 2023


Retail Therapy…The Outlook for the U.S. Consumer
A soft landing is possible and even probable…but our journey is not yet done. Read more.

2023 Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer Survey
The 2023 KPMG Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer Survey finds that chief compliance officers feel the most pressure to enhance compliance from their boards. Click to download.

Ten Key Regulatory Challenges of 2024
The financial services industry is set to face an unprecedented level of regulatory intensity. Our latest report, the KPMG US Ten Key Regulatory Challenges for 2024, provides insights into this evolving landscape. Stay informed and prepared by reading the full report. Click here to access the report. 

AI and the Role of the Board
Law firm Sidley Austin lays out a three-part approach to aid boards in overseeing the company’s activities related to artificial intelligence (AI). Read more.

What Nasdaq Disclosures Say About Board Diversity
Research conducted by the Association of LGBTQ+ Corporate Directors and the University of Liege reveals that women hold 25% of board seats of Nasdaq-listed US companies, while underrepresented minorities hold 18%, and LGBTQ+ directors hold 1%. Read more.

Directors Quarterly: October 2023
In this edition of Directors Quarterly, KPMG covers the board’s approach to oversight of geopolitical risk, insights on the changing board-management conversation on climate, financial reporting and auditing developments, and ways to enhance the audit committee–chief audit executive relationship. Click here to download.



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Looking Ahead to Executive Pay Practices
In this edition of Directors Quarterly, KPMG covers the board’s approach to oversight of geopolitical risk, insights on the changing board-management conversation on climate, financial reporting and auditing developments, and ways to enhance the audit committee–chief audit executive relationship. Click here to download.

Assess Your Bank’s Change in Control and Retention Fitness
With stalled M&A activity in the banking industry, Pearl Meyer shares why this is the very best time to analyze your executives’ CIC and severance agreements. Click here to read more.

The Softening Economy and Incentive Design: A Compensation Committee Top Concern
There are still difficulties with goal-setting and investors may become impatient. Here are ideas for creating effective incentives amid uncertainty. Click here to learn more.

The Compensation Committee’s Guide to Evaluating, Structuring and Communicating Executive Incentives and Climate Issues
How do you structure a framework to include climate-related incentives in an executive compensation plan? Gain insight into key considerations from Pearl Meyer here.



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2023 U.S. Technology Spencer Stuart Board Index
An in-depth look at board composition, governance practices, director compensation and other information from 200 of the U.S.’s largest tech companies is shared by Spencer Stuart here.

How Boards Can Accelerate Their Learning Curve in AI and Cybersecurity
Effective cybersecurity strategies go beyond robust systems and software to ensure enterprise-wide preparation. Spencer Stuart shares effective techniques, such as tabletop exercises, that can be implemented to accelerate the learning curve in AI and Cybersecurity. Read more here.

Advice for CEOs: Sustaining Personal Energy and Fighting Complacency
Spencer Stuart shares a conversation with Levi Strauss & Co. President and CEO Chip Bergh about maintaining personal energy amid all the demands, fighting complacency amid success, how boards can best support the CEO through the ups and downs of the job, and whether the era of empathetic leadership has passed. Read more here.

The Leadership Odyssey
Where are you on your journey to becoming a better leader? Take Spencer Stuart’s Leadership Odyssey quiz to help enhance your leadership, and support avoiding common pitfalls. Take the quiz.

S&P 500 Industry Sector Comparison Chart – 2023 U.S. Spencer Stuart Board Index
The U.S. Spencer Stuart Board Index examines the latest data and trends in board composition, board governance practices and director compensation among S&P 500 companies. Learn more here.

2023 Peru Spencer Stuart Board Index
Spencer Stuart presents the fourth edition of the Peru Spencer Stuart Board Index, with the purpose of providing a broad view of board and corporate governance practices in Peru. Read more here.

2023 Italy Spencer Stuart Board Index
The 28th edition of Spencer Stuart’s Guide to the Evolution of the Corporate Governance System of Italian-Listed Companies is shared here.

2023 UK Spencer Stuart Board Index – Now in its 28th edition, the 2023 UK Spencer Stuart Board Index is a comprehensive review of board composition and governance practice in the largest 150 companies in the FTSE rankings, providing a valuable perspective on the health of boardrooms during 2022–2023. Read more here.


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Is ESG at a Crossroad? Five takeaways from Ethical Finance Global 2023
According to the Global Ethical Finance Initiative, “ESG stands at a crossroad. On the one side, its very existence has become a new political battleground. On the other, it has come to be viewed as a sticking plaster discouraging more comprehensive reforms of the financial system.” Click here to read Edelman Smithfield’s five takeaways from the Ethical Finance Global 2023.

When – And How Often – Should Companies Host An Investor Day?
An Investor Day is a valuable event for leadership, investors, and analysts, but it has the potential to be poorly timed or executed – Edelman Smithfield breaks critical components to ensure an effective and successful Investors Day here.



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Metaverse and Generative AI: Envisioning the Future of Human-Computer Interaction
Technology hasn’t quite caught up to the metaverse’s potential for improving human interconnectedness and emulating physical processes, but the enablement of its use cases will inevitably bear advancements in technology and computing power. S&P Global explores the future of the metaverse and Generative AI here.

Economic Research: Greater Share Of Working Women Bolster Saudi Arabia’s Economic Growth, Improving Productivity Will Entrench It
To read S&P Global economic research, click here.

China’s Chip ‘Moon Shot’–The Response To Restrictions
China’s path to building a cutting-edge semiconductor industry is narrow. Recent measures to curtail the country’s access to advanced chips and equipment will challenge its progress for years to come. However, S&P Global believes the restrictions will drive China to marshal its considerable resources in a “moon-shot” style push to advance the sector. Read more here.

Interest-cover risks are growing for vulnerable corporate credit
The 40-year uptrend in interest cover ratios for U.S. nonfinancial corporates is likely over. Read S&P Global’s insights here.

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