Sponsor Thought Leadership March 28, 2024

WCD Sponsor Thought Leadership: March 2024

The following is a culmination of thought leadership provided by WCD’s global sponsors for March 2024. WCD’s sponsors provide expert thought leadership and insights into best practices for board governance and committees, spanning topics such as technology, climate, and board composition.


FTSE Women Leaders Review – Achieving Gender Balance Report
A new report shows gender balance is in sight. Published in February 2024, our latest report shares insight and progress in delivering gender balance across FTSE 350 and 50 of the largest private companies. Download Report.
FTSE Women Leaders

SEC doubles down on cyber risk management
Ransomware attacks that resulted in reputational hits and disruptions to the supply chain have become reoccurring headlines, and investors have become increasingly concerned about cyber risk. This has prompted the SEC to implement comprehensive new rules aiming to provide additional safeguards. Download.

Regulatory Recap – February 2024 
February regulatory activity expands the perimeter. From private fund reporting to AML/CFT coverage for investment advisers to heightened risk standards for risk and controls, data, and AML. See what you missed in the KPMG Regulatory Insights Regulatory Recap. Download.



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To Maximize ROI, Equity May Need to Go Deeper
Click here to learn why it is time to examine long-standing views on executive equity allocation strategy and all-employee ownership opportunities.

Analyzing “At Appointment” Equity Awards for New Directors
As some companies are considering this strategy to attract top-tier board talent, Pearl Meyer offers prevalence data and the pros and cons, linked here.

IRS to Ramp Up Private Jet Usage Audits
Aircraft use by executives and directors for business and personal reasons involves complex tax, disclosure, and governance implications. Read how the new IRD Usage Audits may make an impact.

Key Considerations for Biopharma Equity Plan Amendments
Click here to read how Biopharma companies with share constraints can adopt several best practice provisions to maximize the chance of success.



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Becoming an Independent Director
Many successful executives today view serving on a corporate board of a private or public company as a professional goal. Spencer Stuart shares their new booklet, which sheds light on the roles and responsibilities of a board, the skills and qualifications in demand in the boardroom, and the steps involved in joining a U.S. corporate board.

Spencer Stuart Director Pulse Survey: Individual Director Assessments
As more boards consider the potential value that individual assessments offer, they are figuring out how they fit into the larger board review process and the most effective practices for collecting and providing feedback on individual director performance. Click here to read how Spencer Stuart explores Individual Director Assessments.

CMOs and the Latest Corporate Board Trends
Spencer Stuart shares what some of the key board trends mean for marketers today. Learn more here.

What Your Team’s Not Telling You
Spencer Stuart shares three steps for CEOs to accelerate the performance of their team and company.


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Delaware Court of Chancery Holds That Common Practice of Boards Approving Draft Merger Agreements “Needs to Check Itself”
A Delaware Court of Chancery opinion issued last week calls into question the common practice of corporate boards approving draft merger agreements. Read more here.

The United Kingdom Announces Its Intention to Withdraw From the Energy Charter Treaty
On February 22, 2024, the UK government confirmed the UK’s withdrawal from the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT), blaming a failure of efforts to modernize the treaty and align it with net zero aims. Vinson & Elkins explore this decision further in their latest insights, linked here.

The Corner Office: Q&A with Michael Holmes
Vinson & Elkins, Vice Chair, Michael Holmes shares his observations on which areas of litigation are busy, reflects on the rewards of staying at one firm for your career, and more insights in a recent Q&A style article, linked here.

Antitrust and AI Issues Continue to Mold Corporate Landscape
Vinson and Elkins’ Craig Seebald explains why companies should watch for developments on generative AI, merger enforcement, and antitrust trial risks in 2024. Click here to learn more.



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Women in leadership: What’s the holdup?
Despite corporate attention paid to gender diversity in recent years, progress toward parity in senior roles remains slow. Women hold just 29.0% of management roles with a revenue-generating function — the kind of role that can be a stepping stone to the C-suite. This data point sheds light on how the pipeline to the top narrows for women. Read more about S&P Global’s recent highlights.

Private Markets Monthly, February 2024: How We Rate Alternative Investment Funds
In this edition of Private Markets Monthly, five S&P Global Ratings subject matter experts are interviewed about how we rate AIFs and analyze risks across fund financing.

Sovereign Debt 2024: Borrowing Will Hit New Post-Pandemic Highs
S&P Global estimates sovereigns’ long-term borrowing will reach $11.5 trillion in 2024, more than 50% above the pre-pandemic levels, amid softer GDP growth, the heavy election schedule, elevated interest, and defense spending. Read more insights here.

CreditWeek: How Will Peak Interest Rates Affect Banks?
The expected eventual drop in rates should weigh moderately on bank profitability in developed economies like Europe and the U.S. A downside scenario, where this is coupled with a material deterioration in the economic backdrop, would leave banks scrambling to bolster both their profitability and asset quality—exacerbating the divergence in credit quality between the largest lenders and their less-diversified counterparts. To read more from S&P Global, click here.



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Powering Nasdaq’s Client Relationship Optimization
Equilar, a pioneer in executive intelligence solutions, announces that Nasdaq has selected the Equilar ExecAtlas platform to enhance its relationship intelligence capabilities and optimize its tech stack operations. Read more about the partnership here.

CHRO Content Series: Ask the Experts
Equilar explores the most pressing issue HR teams will face in 2024. Click here to learn more.

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