Cyber May 25, 2023

Resilience Management: Bringing People, Process and Technology Together

Presented by WCD and Castellan

Operational resilience and business continuity are top of mind for business owners and boardroom leaders across the globe, as a wide range of new risks have arisen and presented potential disruption challenges. While disruptions may look different for each company and industry, how quickly a business can recover from an event like the COVID pandemic or a cyberattack will ultimately affect the future of their business.

Women Corporate Directors (WCD) and Castellan set out to understand how organizations and their boards of directors are approaching operational resilience and business continuity, as we start to emerge from the pandemic. A WCD member survey revealed that for many companies, the pandemic highlighted the importance of looking deeper into their organization – expanding their focus beyond cyber and systems to human capital management (HCM) and global challenges such as supply chains and geopolitical risk.

Report Highlights

  • Cybersecurity, human capital and major business disruption rank as the top three threats to organizations.
  • A diverse set of backgrounds and experiences lead to bringing operational resilience and business continuity into the boardroom.
  • 23% of directors cited HCM as one of the biggest areas of opportunity for operational resilience and business continuity
  • Top 10 questions boards should be asking management.


About Castellan Solutions

As the largest provider of business continuity and operational resilience management solutions – spanning consulting, software, managed services, and staffing – Castellan is uniquely positioned to help clients find the right balance of risk tolerance and resilience to protect their employees, brand, and bottom-line. Leveraging a proprietary proven process for driving business continuity success, Castellan partners with clients to establish a clear vision, drive real results, and provide ongoing support from their community of business continuity experts. Castellan helps clients replace uncertainty with confidence. For more information, visit

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