WCD Updates August 4, 2023

Introducing WCD’s New Brand & Website

Over the past year, the team at WCD’s headquarters worked to develop and create a new brand identity through discovery and research while staying true to WCD’s mission, vision, and 23-year history.

WCD was created in 2000 out of a vision that sought excellence in corporate governance. Research showed that businesses with diverse women representation on boards performed better. With a mission to reach gender parity on boards, a group of women gathered around a dining table to discuss strategies to support more women executives in their journey towards the boardroom: education, training and board opportunities.

Today, WCD has grown into a vetted and trusted global community of 2500 visionary women transforming corporate governance worldwide. Our membership spans 70 chapters across 6 continents. To give our members an elite WCD brand experience, we have updated our brand identity and website.

Let us walk you through the key components of the new WCD brand.

Our Logo

Our new logo features an institutional and timeliness monogram that recognizes the organization’s more-than-20-year history while lighting the way forward for board diversity.

Resembling a crown, the “W” is imbued with the character of a leader. The contrast of thick and thin strokes and the serifs add elegance and denote premium quality. An abstract C and D come together to form a loop or community, where knowledge and experience are generously exchanged. Unlike the W, the stroke thickness is uniform to maintain a quality of inclusiveness.

Our Colours

Our colour palette is an expression of classic yet modern; sophisticated yet warm and friendly.

A deep velvet red stands as an evolution from our former bright red. Combined with gold, the two colours form a regal palette. Our peach and charcoal keep our palette fresh and inject warmth and inclusiveness. A rich forest green stands in place of our red to differentiate our BoardNext membership track.

Our Pattern

Our pattern is a natural product of our logo. It represents the professional and moral excellence of the women in our community.

Our pattern is based on a step-and-repeat configuration of the ‘C’ and ‘D’ unit in our logo. The counterspaces formed are stars which represent the level of excellence found in our community.

Our Website

With a complete redesign, our new website features new content and revised navigation menus to help our members find what they’re looking for. We will continue to add more user-friendly features and functionalities to our website throughout the year.

And More To Come!

Over the next few months, all the other visuals will align around the new WCD brand. Stay tuned for continued website updates, content and materials.

Our New Member Portal

We’re excited to share that along with our new website, members will soon experience a new member portal. The new portal will launch in early 2024, allowing our members to engage with their chapters and other members in new, improved ways. In the interim, members can still log in to our existing portal.

We are excited to introduce our new brand and website to our global community! Our organization convenes the most powerful and influential women throughout the world, and our new brand identity reflects WCD’s growth and strong membership.

Jennifer Reynolds
CEO, Women Corporate Directors

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