WCD Chapters June 7, 2022

Female Leadership: The Challenge of Empowering Women Executives

Junio 4, 2022
Marysol Antón

The Argentine chapter of the Women Corporate Directors (WCD) organization became one of the most successful in the world, but the entity recognizes that the challenge remains very great.

Gabriela Terminielli and Tamara Vinitzky are in charge of the Argentine chapter of the organization Women Corporate Directors (WCD)

It is not just another women’s network, it is a training, support and guidance environment designed especially for those who are in the highest spheres of the corporate world and, as is known, are still a minority within the boards. This is the objective of the international organization Women Corporate Directors (WCD), which has a successful Argentine chapter since 2017, and is already preparing to host the regional meeting next year.

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